Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Bay board signs off on flooding settlement

by Chris Schultz

November 07, 2013

WILLIAMS BAY — The school board signed off on an agreement that will require the district to build a berm along the northeast side of the Williams Bay Junior/Senior High School property for a cost not to exceed $7,000.
The board agreed to the settlement at a special meeting Monday.
The school board signed the settlement agreement with residents of Prairie View Subdivision, which claimed that the lack of control of storm water runoff from school property caused serious property damage to homes at 521, 523 and 525 Prairie View Road.
Agreement to build the berm will settle the damage claims without going to court, said Williams Bay Superintendent Wayne Anderson. However, the settlement does nothing to prevent claims in the future, he said.
The three property owners, Fair Wyn Development Corp. and the Prairie View Homeowners Association filed claims against the school district and the village in connection with damages from two severe rain storms, one during the week of April 8 and another during the week of June 24.
In the claim filed with the village, the homeowners said that runoff from the school property caused damage to their basements and the contents, and that it eroded topsoil and gravel from their properties.
The Prairie View Homeowners Association and Fair Wyn filed claims as well, saying that the damage to those properties hurt the market value within the subdivision.
The three households claimed damages totaling $200,000 each, with the association and Fair Wyn each claiming $50,000 each.
The written claim also alleges that Brian Pollard, owner of Fair Wyn Development Corp., warned in 2011 that lack of a properly-designed storm water retention system would have a direct, negative effect on Prairie View.
The board voted 3-1-1 to approve the agreement. Jim Pfeil, Cheryl Beinetti and Dianna Woss voted for the settlement; Rebecca Boggs voted against. Board member Lynne Landgraf, who is vice president of sales for Fair Wyn, abstained. The agreement now awaits the signatures of the claimants, Anderson said.