Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Rep. August makes visit during disability employment awareness campaign

November 07, 2013

MADISON – Rep. Tyler August will visit Matt Church at the Timber-Lee Christian Center in East Troy on Monday, Nov. 11 as part of the Take Your Legislator to Work Campaign, organized each year by the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities.

The campaign coordinates visits to workplaces between legislators and their constituents with disabilities who are working at community-based, competitive-wage jobs.

During the visits, legislators experience first-hand the value of community-integrated employment for both people with disabilities and the state.

When people with disabilities work in the community at a competitive wage, they are less likely to rely on publicly-funded programs. And, 87 percent of customers say they would prefer to patronize businesses that employ people with disabilities.

“I look forward to visiting Matt on Monday as part of the Take Your Legislator to Work Campaign,” said Rep. August. “It will be an honor to have Matt show me what he does and to learn how he got his job at the Timber-Lee Christian Center. I believe our state is stronger when people with disabilities have jobs in the community.”

Matt Church has been a dishwasher at Timber-Lee Christian Center for more than three years. In addition to washing dishes and cleaning, he works as a prep cook and occasionally serves soup or ice cream to Timber-Lee participants.

August will visit Matt at 10 a.m. on Monday, Nov.11 at the Timber-Lee Christian Center, N8705 Scout Rd, East Troy.