Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Town board seeks a new clerk-treasurer

by Steve Targo

March 13, 2014

GENEVA — Technically, Deb Kirch is still the clerk-treasurer.
She’s just part-time, temporarily.
The town is accepting applications for her position, which is up for re-election April 2015.
On the phone March 4, supervisor Gene Decker said Kirch is now deputy clerk in Delafield.
Attempts to reach Kirch for comment were unsuccessful last week.
Decker said she submitted her resignation Feb. 10, but she later agreed to stay on part time, coming in evenings and weekends, whenever she can.
He said it was a sad day when he heard the news.
“Personally, I love her to death, and we’re really going to miss her,” Decker said.
In a March 6 email, supervisor Keith Millard also said he is deeply saddened by Kirch’s departure.
“I, along with the voters who have re-elected her several times, found her to be extremely effective in her position,” Millard wrote.
“She had the trust of the voters and board members.”
Kirch had served the town since 1998, when she was appointed deputy treasurer. She was elected treasurer in 2000. Kirch also had served as clerk of the Geneva National Sanitary District.
In 2003, the town positions of clerk and treasurer were combined, and made into a full-time position.
Kirch successfully ran unopposed for the job in 2003, and has been re-elected ever since.
Why? “Because she does a great job,” Decker said. “I know of nobody who will disagree with that.”
In a June 5, 2003, Regional News story, which ran nearly two months after being elected clerk-treasurer, Kirch said she may have found her dream job. “Who you work with can make your job so much better or so much worse. But the people here, they will go out of their way and drop everything they are doing to help me, which has been great. It’s made working here a wonderful experience.”
Millard thanked Kirch for “going above and beyond” and taking her job so seriously. “And I wish her luck in her new position.”
The town first advertised for the clerk-treasurer position in the Feb. 27 Regional News, and a notice for the position appears at the top of the homepage for the town’s website,
“I don’t see this as a change in position, rather a change in personnel,” Millard said. “The position will remain a full time, elected position.”
On average, Kirch worked from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, Decker said.
Decker said the board and Kirch reached an agreement. She will serve out the term part-time, Decker said, until the board appoints someone to fill her position.
Kirch agreed to help train the new clerk-treasurer, then resign, he said.
Decker and Millard said they’re working toward a smooth transition.
“We will survive, but there will be some hiccups, I’m sure,” Decker said. “Fortunately, our tax season is over.”