Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Neal Kedzie
December 16, 2010 | 10:17 AM

Dear Senator Kedzie,

First of all I want to thank you for the public service you are doing, also want to thank you for your interest and support of working in the best interest of the senior citizens of Wisconsin. I have lived in the State of Wisconsin for thirty six years, and I will be entering into the retirement phase of my life in June of 2011. As you have advocated that you would like to see more retired citizens continue living in the state of Wisconsin, and not opting to move to a state that has no taxes on their pensions. My wife and I have looked at other states as a possible location due to them having no taxes on Social Security and pensions. My wife and I would regret leaving Wisconsin very much to relocate to another state. Some southern and western states also offer a much lower property tax. We have lived at our residence in Genoa City Wisconsin for thirty four years, and it appears that our property tax will just continue going up, even though our home value keeps going down. The difference in the amount of property tax that I pay now versus some states, it would be enough savings to cover seventy percent of our food expenses, or would greatly offset the cost of our medical expenses. I have known of seniors that have had to give up living in there homes due to rising property taxes, and think that this is disgraceful that there doesn't seem to be anything done to stop this. I want to thank you for your efforts in trying to improve life for senior citizens in Wisconsin.
If there is anything in the future that I can do to help or assist you, please let me know. ie: as in passing out pamplets on issues that you may be putting forth. Feel free to provide me with any material that you may want distributed, including a billboard that will fit in the back of a pick up truck. I will gladly promote whatever cause you may be pursuing all over my community.
It is refreshing, and renews my confidence in our political system when an individual such as you steps up and tries to improve the way of life for their constituents.


Ronald Chandler
Genoa City