Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

December 30, 2010 | 05:29 PM

It is because of so called human beings as the both of you the best Chief this Township has had decided to retire, not quit. I give the man credit for stepping down because who would want to serve a community with people in it like you.
I have gotten to know the Chief very well and he is a kind, considerate person. One who cares about people. Neither one of you and the many out there who bashed this mans life wouldn't know that. He will truly be missed by this Township and probably one day by the same one's who bashed him on this site. No one in this world is perfect, we all have made mistakes we regret. But, because of the few who have such a low self esteem of themself they feel it necessary to bring others down to their level instead of picking themself up and raising their level of esteem.
This man and all those in the Police Department have given their life's to their job. Including putting their personal life on hold to serving this community and why I don't know. Because so many do not appreciate it. Well this citizen says THANK YOU to Chief Gritzner and his entire staff for all you have done. Good Luck Chief and don't look back, it isn't worth the time. Just enjoy your retirement and family you earned it.

Concerned Resident