Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

January 13, 2011 | 06:29 AM

You are so opposed to the idea that you didnt read the article. Lauderdale mentioned he wants to keep the contract for fire services with LGFD. Paratech has their garage right around the corner from LGFD. Paratech's staff claim to be paramedics(which have more training than EMT) and are staffed 24/7. not part time like LGFD. Also they have units in delavan and elkhorn very close by as well. Paramedics can perform more complex life support functions than EMT's. Not a bad deal if you are in real trouble. It appears your fears are unfounded if you are only concerned about proximity and coverage. It looks like the dedicated service the paratech contract offers better coverage than LGFD based on your concerns. Way to go lauderdale, quit taking the crap from your neighboring city and doing business as usual. Glad you are building some independent resources for our taxpayers. Most fear change, and they are so busy complaining they dont consider the benefits.

Geneva resident in support of paratech