Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Kulik and Millard
January 13, 2011 | 11:11 AM

So, its ok for Millard to approve payments to himself for work on town equipment though right? The board approves the monthly bills. Shouldn't he be prohibited from voting on that? Just checking.

Kulik was appointed by Lauderdale as liason so perhaps they shoulda thought about whether he should be there in the first place before this ever came to a head.

Lauderdale is the Williams Bay liason (fire dept wise) and he's a cop there so is that a conflict? Again, just asking.

I think as a whole, people run for an elected seat because of a particular passion about some topic. So, its pretty clear that Kulik has a passion for Fire Services and no town hall, he's said so. I think its pretty clear the Lauderdale doesn't agree with him, he's said so. Viva debate.

As in any debate, time will tell who's right and who's wrong. Hopefully no one dies in the process.

Just Asking