Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

To Pay Attention
January 13, 2011 | 07:45 PM

and anyone else who constantly say WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT? We need these services in this area and stop relying on other communities to handle our calls. You said and I quote " Placing a station of our own on Palmer Road would only result in yet another expensively staffed/equipped fire department within a county where there are already too many." How is there to many? Just because Delavan, Elkhorn and Lake Geneva have it doesn't mean we don't need it. It takes valuable time for EMT'S and Firemen to get here. How many homes are lost because of the time factor and how many people don't get much needed medical treatment due to the time factor? It is time to stop this foolishness of we don't need it because we don't want to pay for it. Also if we needed to man a station 24/7 it would generate much needed jobs for the area. This area is sliding into total poverty because of this attitude that we didn't need it before why now. I would like to see our Town Board do a study on what it would cost to bring in our own EMT's and Fire Department. Now where to build it? There is plenty of farmland around that could be purchased. There is a parcel right now on Palmer just west of the church. It has been sitting for sale for several years now. Put a plan together to house the Town Hall, Police Dept, Hwy Dept and include the Fire and EMT's as well. All this bickering does nothing.

Concerned Resident