Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

the truth
January 13, 2011 | 08:10 PM

ok. Larry admitted in the article that he has a calvernous malformation and an aneurism. Aneurisms dont just happen, he was a time bomb waiting to happen, it is probably good it happened in a public venue, had he been alone, the outcome might have been different. Kind of silly to blame on Lauderdale dont you think?

I have never known anyone who had a seizure that could remember anything just before, during or after, so how can Larry even comment on the occurances of his call?

I think people might want to review the article more closely though, I noticed Larry had to be stabilized and transported by paratech anyway. If you educate yourself on the difference between a paramedic and an emt, you will see their is a clear difference in the level of service they can provide. Not trying to discredit the great service of LGFD, but obviously considering all the facts, this seems quite clear. If you have a complicated life or death issue that depends on minutes or administration of an IV drug, you better have a paramedic show up first. Sounds like Lake Geneva EMT would come first and then have to call for paratech anyway if it required a complicated service, especially for transport. this delay might make an outcome a bad one. Paramedics can often engage in complex stabilization procedures that they do in the ER. You think it is worth while to wait for a second response after the emt's get there? would you go to your primary care doctor first if you were having a heart attack and ask if you should go to the ER, or go straight to the ER? Paratech has units in the town of geneva, elkhorn, delavan and lake geneva. They can get to just about anywhere in Geneva quickly.

There were more than just Lauderdale and Kulik at that meeting that voted.

It sounds like Lauderdale did the right thing by shopping around, wouldnt anyone do that if they felt they werent getting the right offer?

Come on people use some common sense. Lauderdale is putting his foot down with a crappy contract, when you make an informed decision it is pretty clear that Paratech is a great option for EMS. obviously not the politically correct one, but arent we tired of politicians that make promises they dont keep or do what will get them re-elected rather than making informed decisions?

Geneva Resident in favor of Paratech