Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

In response
January 14, 2011 | 03:31 PM

I must say I am disheartened but not surprised by some of the online blogging going on here. You write and joke about another person, whether a stranger or aquaintance having a stroke, while the story would be much different if it were you in need of assistance. The decisions made in the town were made quietly, without taxpayer knowlege, and it would seem with little research.
Multiple elements go into your fire and ems coverage. This is not just an issue of money. It is one that should encompass response times, insurance ratings, training, equipment, experience, and leadership. Yes, money is involved. Fire and rescue apparatus must be paid for, as well as insurance, fuel, and yes, even people. The days of people responding out of the goodness of their hearts is long over. Departments are busier, people work away from home, and people must be paid to do this job.
My interest in this issue is not political. It is because I am a town of geneva resident, taxpayer, and firefighter/paramedic with over 20 years on the job, ranging from volunteer to career. You attempt to speak with authority on the subject but you have never pushed down a hallway, safe in the knowlege that adequate help was outside to do the job safely. You have never gone to a roof in the middle of winter to help interior crews do their job and make conditions hopefully surviveable for those trapped inside. You have never searched for a person trapped in a burning house, knowing there is a fire on the floor above you, and you have never had someone hand you a lifeless child.
The decisions for these services should be in the hands of those who might need them the most. For those that may need service in the coming days and weeks, remember that the people showing up on an ambulance or in a fire engine are just doing their job. The political wrangling is done at a much higher level than theirs. Don't be angry with Paratech, Lake Geneva Fire, or Elkhorn fire. The people providing service are simply doing the best job they can. Remember, that our elected officials are just that, elected. Speak with your vote, get involved, make your community a better place, don't just hide out in faceless anonymity and complain without bothering to be part of the solution.

Town of Geneva