Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Thank You FF/PM Town of Geneva
January 14, 2011 | 06:18 PM

Your comment is right on about the senseless, heartless blogging regarding anyone who has had a stroke. I have a brother who suffered a near fatal Heart attack several years ago. One minute we were laughing and joking around at the table, I left to get us dinner and when I returned he wasn't home. I then received a call from Mercy and the nurse said I need to get there immediately. I drove from Como to Mercy in 3 minutes. I was driving at 90 miles an hour. When I got there they took me into ER and as I walked in they were wheeling him out to an ambulance headed for Janesville. I followed as fast as I could it was raining and I got there met the doctor and was informed he needed immediate Quadruple bypass or he wouldn't make it. I signed as his next of kin and waited for 7 hours during surgery. Each hour being called by the Surgical nurse and given an update. Everytime the phone rang I thought don't let this be a call of he didn't make it. Thank God he made it and today we can laugh and joke. So when I read comments like those about this subject I get angry. Life is to short and unpredictable. Again I Thank people like you for being there.

Concerned Resident