Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Local resident and Skeptical
January 18, 2011 | 10:33 AM

Good points. Read the Economic development study that was independently funded and conducted in 2007 for Walworth County. It confirms your beliefs and says some of the major barriers to economic development our the sense of Parochialism (we dont want you here), people's concerns for change or threat to their quality of life. This study also says Quality of Life is often cited in many of these studies, so this is not a unique attribute to our area. Go to WCEDA website look up the job demographics yourself. The average wage in our county lags behind the average wage in WI and surrounding Counties in almost every employment sector except hospitality which is the lowest paying sector and also the largest amount of employees. Also this study points out that in the last 10 years the largest increase in numbers of jobs has been in the lowest wage sectors. This is not a recession issue people, this is a planning issue. Our population is increasing at a quicker rate than the state, exceeding the wage trend. The city of LG has over 40% reduced or free lunch enrollment in schools. This has been a trend that has been increasing steadily since 2000. See a problem here? Do you know what happens when you have a growing low income population? Decreasing tax base? You have increased demand on Municipal services and less revenue to pay for it. Read Dave Bretls comments in the County budget, he is warning you all about this.

Bottom line people, we do need to increase our tax base here, and a great way to do it is to attract better paying jobs. Lake Geneva has a beautiful downtown area with nice shops, and we know they are doing a good job marketing to consumers to spend in those shops when we see the line of traffic backed up to Hwy 12, but this will not pull us out of this rut people. Are the products sold in the shops produced here? Wisconsin has one of the lowest sales tax rates in the Country. Get educated.

Walworth County Resident carrying my fair share