Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

January 19, 2011 | 12:20 PM

Wisconsin ranks in the top ten worse managed states for financial deficits and budget shortfalls... There is no I.Q., business degree or psychological personality disorder test required to become a representative or politician in the U.S.A.'s state or federal legislative bodies. Anyone who is not a felonious offender can become mayor, governor, or congressman and senator. I think they should have to pass tests for knowledge of basic business, finance, debt/equity and borrowing, then have a full set of psych profiles to see how they react under extreme financial stress and pressure... before they are given the right to tax and spend without being accountable. Next term, they just retire from politics, and are off scott free, with a pension plan and no worries. Meanwhile, we foot the bill with hundreds of property, excise, sales, tire, income and ancillary taxes. Sleep well you leaders of lost dollars!

Troy Allen Dyer
Lake Geneva