Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

To the Guy bashing my football program...
January 23, 2011 | 07:11 PM

First off, Badger football isn't all that great. The Generals are a first year program and have many talented players and coaches. Second off, unlike Badger, Williams Bay has something Badger football will never have, it's called CLASS. Maybe they don't teach you that at Badger.
Second off, for you to bash Williams Bay Football is just shows your lack of class. I was a former QB at Williams Bay, though I might not have won, it's weird how coaches still remember me for being so humble and having so much respect for my coaches and my team. And ironically enough, I even made a college team and was the second string QB for them, even though i had a big 0 for wins. Now why is that? Maybe there is something more than winning and its called playing with heart.
And lastly, track and football are two totally different sports. Don't talk stupid
Anyway, GOOD JOB GENERALS! congrats on the combine! and GO BULLDOGS!

Your former QB and Current fan
WIlliams Bay