Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

An errand Vehicle and Training Vehicle
February 09, 2011 | 12:31 PM

Why? with all the budget cuts would the Township decommission a Law enforcement vehicle to make it a vehicle for errands and training? Makes no sense to do that. Also according to this article the other Blazer was being serviced at this time only leaving 2 police squads. "The other four wheel-drive squad was "being serviced" during the time of the fire, and only two Dodge Charger squads were available."
It goes on to say that our Police dept had to use a pickup truck with a plow to answer calls. "police used the Ford F-350 plow truck for emergency responses only during the storm."
Yet we will decommission a Police vehicle and leave that dept short so our town hall staff can run errands. Unbelievable to say the least. Take away a needed vehicle from our Police Dept and cut their budget just so our Town Hall staff can run errands in style.
I hope they use the insurance money they get back on the burned out Blazer for use in the Police Dept seeing is they lost a needed vehicle. They should use that money to go toward their dept needs like Equipment (ATV), Office needs, Etc.

Concerned Resident