Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

February 11, 2011 | 03:56 AM

To the poster of "an errand vehicle and training vehicle" -
That vehicle needed to be removed from regular police use. Youíd think that it bursting into flames would be the first clue of that fact. Go figure why you're not a cop. Examples: That vehicle was 1: not designed to be a police car. 2: It was designed to be a civilian car. And for it being a civilian car being used in the demanding field of law enforcement, it had been more than "overused". The article says itís a 2005. Thatís a 6 year-old vehicle! Want to guess how many miles it had? Iíve heard it had 200,00 on it! Do you think an officer should even feel safe driving the thing? Would YOU want to drive it or even share the road with that vehicle if it was operating in emergency mode going fast and needing to handle the way police need their vehicle's to handle? I sure wouldn't want to be on either end!

As far as the other 4x4 "being serviced"... Seeing as the only other 4x4 the department had was the unmarked car, Iím guessing that by "servicing" it they meant they were outfitting it with the equipment the one that burned up previously had in it since they didnít need it to have that equipment in it anymore to be a training car. Thatís just a matter of bad timing. Who knew a record storm would be coming that particular week they decided to change out equipment???

And as for the two people complaining of the vehicle running... Thatís not uncommon for police, fire, rescue, your cable guy, utilitiesí person, etc. Do you want to wait while you're loved one is having a heart attack, you're house is being broken into, what have you, while the cop scrapes off his windows? Iím sure that you'd be complaining about that if it happened. But it didn't, so you have to complain about something; right? Police also have very sensitive equipment inside that needs to stay warm. Does your computer work in negative temperatures? Probably not. So Iím assuming their computers don't either. Not to mention the other equipment that doesn't work well cold (AED, printers, scanners, camera's, etc.). Keep in mind these cars are mobile offices. Let alone the mechanical issues that come into play when a car goes from being shut off and cold to started and driven in emergency mode.

Just some things for you to think about....

chew on that