Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

et al
February 11, 2011 | 02:46 PM

Chew on That's comment about mobile offices is a good one. The township "fleet" and I use that as a loose description of the assets - are supposed to be exactly that - mobile. Also, it was crazy crappy weather that day. I commute and I warm my vehicle up before I get in it...the fact that an old car with ridiculous mileage on it was fried because it was left running in the middle of a historic blizzard...who really cares. Some days are just really bad luck. I hope the officer involved doesn't beat himself too badly over it. I'm sure he regrets it .... who wouldn't.

As for Concerned Resident's who gets the money issue - the answer is the Town has only 1 check book....they don't get to count the Sanitary - when / if the insurance pays up - it goes into the same place! The car was bought with our taxpayer money - the PD is not a "business" so it has no assets of its own. It wasn't out holding hot dog fund raisers to buy it. The replacement car (taking a guess they'll replace it anyway) would be bought with the same taxpayer funds and you can bet the farm they won't get enough insurance money to replace that vehicle - its too old. So if you want the PD to decide what to do with the proceeds from the insurance - then they have to cut something else to find the rest of the funds to replace it. Betting you are not in favor of that. So, town takes cash - ponies up some extra cash and ta have a new car.