Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Carter Michael Dorwin 7-27-01 to 11-16-10--Always Loved, Never
February 12, 2011 | 09:48 PM

The relief I feel that Jeremy C Dees has finally stepped up to the plate and inadvertantly admitted his guilt in the murder of Carter Dorwin is overwhelming. Although he did not plead "Guilty" to his crime, his plea of "No Contest" will spare Carter's family a week-long and horrific trial where all of the unimaginable events would be relived over and over again. I hope that the judge takes into account the sensless tragedy that Jeremy C Dees and his maddening demons have unleashed on the Dorwin family and uses his power to impose the maximum penealty for all of the charges that Jeremy C Dees is facing. Chad and Nicole Dorwin spend the nine years of Carter's life teaching him right from wrong, and how to own up to the consequences of what you do when you commit a wrong-doing to make amends. Jeremy C Dees will NEVER be able to make amends for cutting short a life of a intelligent, loving, inquisitive, beautiful nine year old boy, and destroying his family that loves him beyond belief, but by serving the maximum sentance, perhaps a modicum of justice will be served. Instead of wrestling with the Badger wrestling team right now, getting ready to play some basketball, looking forward to soccer, and having weekly Cub Scout activities, my nephew's ashes are in a 10" x 5" box. Do the right thing, Judge, and don't let this killer walk away from his crimes. My nephew deserves better than that.

Carter's Auntie