Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

We will borrow our way out of the mess on our hands?
February 16, 2011 | 11:02 AM

Why don't we further slash spending and add to our reserves with the difference and keep the mill rate the same?
This alleged need to borrow demonstrates further the lack of leadership we have had. We have had special interests running this city far too long, and now we will be paying for it for years to come... So rather than leadership, we continue to kick the can down the road.. Nobody has borrowed their way to financial security, need to put away $300,000 each year, fine, have the dept. heads show with factual info. what sacrifices will have to be made, and lets discuss it. Privatize more city services such as garbage pickup downtown, flower watering, tree trimming, rivieara cleaning and upkeep, etc. etc. Put it to bid and see where the numbers come in, then look at our real costs that include equipment usage and employee wages and benefits, and see what brings us a better value. Does anyone really think we can't find $300,000 annually in savings? Cut a few more staff, we are not a job service, we are the shareholders as taxpayers and it's time we demand accountability. I think if true cuts were made and efficiencies gained, support would exist to borrow some monies, but we cannot continue to be a job service like we are now and not look for every oppurtunity to save money and improve services. What we really need is some fiscal conservatives on that council, and most of all we need real leadership... We do get the government we vote for though folks

joe taxpayer