Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

February 17, 2011 | 07:32 AM

And you no longer work there do you? Y? Hmmmm, maybe went private sector where pensions and benefits were less but wages were greater. No offense, but 4 years of public service does not make you an expert on this package.

I am an 11 year veteran and still chugging along. I have a masters in public admin. I chose to work in this field. It wasn't about the benefits for me. I paid for my own education. No one else. I am not opposed to paying for part of my package - the problem is - this bill LEFT THE COPS & FIREFIGHTERS OUT! They are the largest share and the highest earners as a group for municipal wages.

Why are they not included you ask.....because they supported Walker in the election. Mayor Barrett was on public radio just this morning. He's not too happy as the City of Milwaukee's PD and FF are currently under an issue by issue arbitration. So, since those groups get to keep their rights and he also stated are 65% of the Milwaukee wage & benefit package - what is really going on here?

Its hard to swallow this on its face without a true "everybody included" change. The big issue here is that local governments can not overspend as a matter of law. But the State can and has been for decades. Doyle bent over for the teachers unions....they have a crazy pension package. So, now Walker's kissing up to the Police & Fire unions and they get to keep theirs. Lets make this really truly equitable - include ALL municipal employees.

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