Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

I do think it is interesting the truck started at 1.3 million
February 17, 2011 | 09:59 AM

and now is at 800,000.... Regardless, it seems we need to buy this truck, whether this year, next year, two years whatever. Monies should be set aside to fund these purchases, since we know we need to replace them. That is where the lack of leadership comes in. They had some money set aside but probably between the 700,000 + it cost us for the volunteer union fire dept. settlement, and other special interests crying for funds the Council spent it on something else. That is now water over the bridge I guess, but now we have a critical decesion to make: Should we continue the irresponsibilities that got us here, or should we take a stand and live within our means? Borrowing this money without first looking at privatization of city functions, employee and service cuts shows a huge lack of leadership. This group like others is putting off the tough decesions to the next group, and until we get a fiscal conservative group or administrator in, this fiscal mismanagement will continue. We may need to borrow, but we cannot make that decesion until all other avenues have been at least documented and discussed to save money and gain efficiencies. This fire truck seems to be in the middle of this political battle which it should not be, however it demonstates the current and former lack of leadership we have seen, and looks like we continue to be saddled with. Jordan wants us to annex Grand Geneva and impose more taxes and fees on businesses and those that come here to help raise revenues. The fact of the matter is if we don't cut spending and live within our means those items too will only last for a few years before the special interests have that all spent as well and we have to look for more revenue again, and you cannot budget soundly on anticipated revenue, especially in this economy. Our local mill rate is among the top in the County, and it should not be, with parking and our lakefront revenue, it should be amongst the bottom in the County. Again, we do not have a revenue issue, we have a spending and special interests issue...

joe taxpayer