Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Enough Already...
February 17, 2011 | 04:03 PM

Dispatchers? Are they "essential" in your view? They aren't under Walker's. They are considered clerical support.

Ok - how about the blizzard - you enjoy getting where ever you had to go that day or the day after, without the drivers you just slammed as non=essential - bet you would be unhappy to say the least if they failed to show up.

FYI - I am not a union member. I really don't have a problem contributing to my benefits package - I do already by the way.

Again, incase you haven't got past the sentence where I said I'm not a union member - I have been paying more for this benefit longer than the represented employees as my employer can do what they want to the non-reps without bargaining, 20% of the premium was decucted from my pay goes towards my medical. Started out that way and its around 15% today. Its all good. I can opt out too - I would if I wasn't a single wage earner household with two kids. Otherwise - I'd be sucking up Badgercare.

For me its the fiscal realization that without the PD and FF's included in this package - it really will do very little financially at the local levels....there are just percentage wise way to few non-protective employees to make that much of an impact in financial savings. Since the trade off is a cancellation of State Shared Revenue's to the local govt units, they are loosing more than they will gain unlessall municipal employees were included. As it is all excluding them has done is give the unions the ability to chant about being picked on - they found something to hang their hat on.

Lastly, your "union solidarity" should work both ways right? Shouldn't the brothers/sisters in blue and red be supporting THEIR fellow unions?

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