Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

To: Enough Already
February 17, 2011 | 09:56 PM

What do these people want? I agree with you on this matter. When I was working I had to pay around 7% of my pay into my medical insurance at work. I had no choice if I wanted insurance. I do not think it is to much to ask these union workers to pay a little for their benefits. Our state is broke and the country as a whole isn't far behind. Since I have been out of work I have had to do without alot and restructure my daily life to just survive.
I saw a protestor in Madison on TV say to the reporter that his children will have to suffer. Well sir welcome to economics 2011. If we don't get this runaway train of spending slowed down we will crash into a full blown DEPRESSION that will make the 1933 Depression look like a recession. I am not joking here.
Many of these people who are protesting in Madison are the same people who made a statement in November when they voted for a change. Now when they are asked to help bring this state and country out of a certain BANKRUTCY they stand up and say WAIT A MINUTE DON'T CUT MY BACON OR ASK FOR MY HELP. Ask the private sector to reach deeper.
Now with all those teachers who called in sick are they going to lose a days pay for everyday they protest? Because if they do there is the money the Governor is asking them to pay for some of their benefit. So, what is the difference if they pay a little for their benefit?
As for the Senators who walked off their elected job what will happen to them? I believe some sort of sanction should be imposed on each one. If I left my job I would be suspended if not fired.

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