Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Enough Already
February 18, 2011 | 07:17 AM

Again, I didn't say that public sector workers shouldn't contribute. All I said was include the PD & FF. 65% more of wages & benefits included in this package would help significantly. If without them we are at 30 million in savings, we could add approximately 55 million more to that savings...for a total of 85 million.

Also, the hole Walker's trying to plug with this bill is for the current fiscal year and its only $130 million. $3.6 billion is the entire projected shortfall for the next biennal period. And no - I don't want taxes raised - who does? I'm just throw everybody in the pool on this one. I am a public employee and again I showed up and will continue to do so. The teachers rally at the capital ought to do the same. Go to work! MPS Closed, Madison Closed, Fort Aktinson much for the all about the children rhetoric.

As for the Police & Firefighters - why shouldn't 'essential' services pay in? The US Military has zero federal rights - its what they signed up for. The same is true for cops and firefighters - they chose it. They receive much higher wages & pension contribution in recoginition of the life on the line portion of their job, and because of it they can get out that much earlier.

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