Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Practice what you preach
February 18, 2011 | 08:34 AM

I understand the Governor looking for easy ways to save money by reducing expenditures, but why are the Assemblymen, and State Senators not giving back the pay raises of 5.23 % they just gave themselves? What are their contributions to their healthcare package, (searched on-line and couldn't find what that would be). Gov. Walker preaching about how great T. Thompson was in going after teachers years ago, so what happened to our entitlement citizens, W2W? If we are going to force everyone to pay part of the salary they worked for to help cover the insurance and retirement when are we going to ask that people to simply work for State benefits? I am not talking about those on unemployment, or those searching daily for a job in this reccession, I am talking about those who have generational sense of entitlement, their job is welfare, those that manipulate the system as a job.

Also I think that there should be no unions exempt to this Bill, Hmm wonder if the teachers at the police and fire academies are exempt?

Former Union Firefighter