Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Welcome to the REAL WORLD
February 18, 2011 | 10:40 AM

Wondering why the main focus of these cuts is on non essential workers, it's the same reason that when a company cuts back, it's the guy in the warehouse that gets hit before the people in accounting for example. The private sector makes decisions every day about what positions and people are the critical and which ones are not. Why is it so hard to understand why the state is taking the same approach?

What these union idiots don't understand is that even if they win this battle, they're going to lose the war. If Governor Walker doesn't get these concessions, then the next budget will require a multitude of lay offs and firings. In a way, it may actually be better for the fiscal health and future of our state to cull the herd and get rid of the dead weight.

Enough Already
Lake Geneva