Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

State of Disgust
February 21, 2011 | 06:35 PM

The teachers are getting fake notes from doctors about being sick so they can collect pay NOT EARNED while they walked off their jobs for the last week and caused many students to lose needed educational time in the classroom. That is really showing our youth today how our society works. Lie and you get what you want.
Now how is this going to affect the graduating classes for this year if they don't achieve the needed credits to graduate? Or are we going to lie about that to and just smooth over it. Also it shows me that money means more to the teachers than educating the students. So with that being said all this never ending talk of needing to raise property taxes for more money to better educate the kids is all BS.
The 14 Senators who ranoff to Illinois need to be recalled for deriliction of duties and impeding with the dealing of state business thus in effect shutting down the government.
The Governor inherited this budget that in essence has left the state broke and because he has to make such drastic decisions he is being blamed for the position this state is in. ahhhhhhh! Democracy at is best.

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