Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

We Need Some Answers
February 21, 2011 | 07:14 PM

For the most part, all that most of us understand about this so called budget "repair" bill is that is is necessary to fix a $130 M hole in this years budget and that some state employees will have to kick in more to help the cause. This is true even though the hole was created with the recent tax cuts. The little adder to this thing was that by the way, even though they are forced to make cuts now, they will have virtually no say in anything relating to their state jobs later. That is the true meaning of the governors insistence on dropping collective bargaining rights.

If you read this bill, you find out that it hits EVERY municipal employee too, not just state employees. Why is the governor even getting involved with local governance? The bill also goes a long way towards letting the state get out of the business of supporting pensions.

The senators who left the state have given us time to look at this thing and decide whether it is fair or whether this guy is going way way too far. Lets hope some of our elected officials read the fine print.

Williams Bay