Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

This Really made news?
February 23, 2011 | 02:48 PM

To the Dumbass who let this guy out on bond:
He's illegally here! Reread that. ILLEGALLY. Yeah, so a guy who should be arrested and deported for a crime is going to come back after being released so he can be put in jail?! I think we got a Madison liberal in the Walworth court system. Maybe after this guy kills someone while DUI it might be noteworthy. I think we ought to hold all the illegals in the state capitol. It holds something like 10000 people, and they have police there. It might empty out our service jobs enough so we can hire teachers to cook for us. With those openings, we can hire Libyan exiles to teach in our schools. Isn't Arabic an up an coming language? Unionize these guys and watch them protest! Those pussies marching in Mad City would look like amateurs when those Libyan union teachers start opening up on the crowd. Plenty of unemployed Egytians too! Might make for good SEIU members. Remember, the twin cities really have a great time with all their Somalis.

Dick Elohssa