Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Response to Dave Yost's comment
February 26, 2011 | 04:01 PM

I see this everytime someone brings up spending cuts of any kind. Everyone screams that the government needs to cut spending but they don't want government to cut their programs. So, I ask this. JUST WHERE IS THE GOVERNMENT SUPPOSE TO CUT IF NO ONE WANTS THEIR PROGRAMS CUT? WHERE??????? All the government is asking is that public employees come down to earth and share in the paying for their benefits like those in the private sector. It is union workers and their guaranteed benefits and pay increases that keep driving up the costs on domestic products year after year and driving business overseas. Who gets stuck paying for those increases? People like me in the private sector and because union workers jobs are guaranteed by their contract people in the private sector lose their jobs. So to Mr. Post don't make it sound like just because the unionized public worker having to pay something into their benifits is going to cause calamity in the economy. It won't hurt them to pay something.

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