Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

All side walks should be turned down. !!
February 26, 2011 | 09:03 PM

the city of Lake geneva has a policy that the ajoining property owners to city side walks have a responcibly to keep them clear of snow and ice, if not the city hires some one to do it and sends a very enflated bill to the tax payer. Some year the public will have enough and look into how much they collect , etc and have the city street department clear thier own sidewalks with a 4 wheeler and a plow, This way the public gets cleared walks, all of them. and home owners who may be elderly etc, don"t get burnened with an aditional headach. come on city of lake geneva why don"t you do some thing positive for your citicisns?

Cully, the snark
lake geneva, linn