Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Hey you smart people out there!!!
March 01, 2011 | 02:06 PM

The budget bill passes on the task of cutting services and salaries of your local town!
How would you like to have garbage pick up every two weeks or so?
How about only have a few police but in a slowing economy means more crime?
How about those union workers and others layed-off by this budget no longer spending money in our town, small business loosing more revenue when they are already only hanging on by a string?
More foreclosures, and declining housing, if people loose jobs, and have wages cut they loose everything?
How about big class sizes with standard education, no extras?
How about empty store fronts?
Let's go back to those times, about 15-20 years ago, Lake Geneva was nothing...stone manor went to property tax auction for 120,000. Not to long ago.
This budget will create higher property taxes for localities that don't want to cut to minimums. This budget was poorly constructed and was made to smash the union, to create a right to work state. What about the sale of Wisconsin assets for whatever Scott Walker wants without open bid, and without public input? Wake up, read the bill, it is terrible for Wisconsin.

Wake up
Lake Geneva