Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

March 01, 2011 | 03:37 PM

You say we should cut taxes. Well I agree and we need to start with schools. That is where most of our tax money goes and why? Teachers salaries, benefits and little if any to actual needs to teach children. That is the plain simple fact.
I agree corporate loopholes need to be closed and that is also why the entire tax code needs to be redone.
But, ALL unions will not allow that to happen and have their well dry up. Everytime Teachers scream for more more money it is in the name of BETTER EDUCATING THE CHILDREN. You also say teachers don't teacher because they have to , it is because they want too. In that case then money should never be an object into teaching. The same hold true for Doctors, Nurses, Emt's, Law Enforcement, Firefighters. They all do what they do because they want too. I empty garbage cans and clean vomit from toilets because I have too. I only get $7.50 an hour and no benefits. Do I see any of these union people feeling sorry for me? Not on your life.
I appreciate what All the Doctors, Nurses, EMT's, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and even Teachers do, But get real and stop digging in my pocket for your benefits while I go without.

Frustrated Taxpayer.