Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Hey before you start attacking the teachers educate yourself do
March 01, 2011 | 04:00 PM

The teachers with their union agreements FIGHT to KEEP CLASS SIZES SMALL TO HAVE A CLOSER RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CHILDREN TO KNOW THEIR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES! THAT IS A FACT, along with countless other measures for your children, they make a salary, so if the class size is large it doesn't effect your pay, it effects YOUR CHILDREN! NOT TO MENTION THE TEACHERS AGREED TO A COMPROMISE!!!!!
When your police force and city workers are cut, don't call city hall, no one will be there to answer the phone, to fix the pot hole, or the one police officer will be trying to save the lives and stop the crimes of a whole city.
When YOUR GARBAGE IS STINKING IN 90 degree heat with rats in the streets, to bad!!
When YOUR PROPERTY TAXES ARE SKY HIGH, but the area is depressed and store fronts and vacant, don't rag! YOU DIDN'T LISTEN!
Scott Walker is attacking Wisconsin for political gain.

Lake Geneva