Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

March 01, 2011 | 07:13 PM

Letís look at each of your points here.
1... The teachers with their union agreements FIGHT to KEEP CLASS SIZES SMALL TO HAVE A CLOSER RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CHILDREN TO KNOW THEIR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES! THAT IS A FACT, along with countless other measures for your children, they make a salary, so if the class size is large it doesn't effect your pay, it effects YOUR CHILDREN! NOT TO MENTION THE TEACHERS AGREED TO A COMPROMISE!!!!!

Why do we as a nation have the lowest grade average and President Obama keeps talking about bringing higher educated workers here from other nations because we just donít meet the level of education here. Lower educated students with Collective Bargaining.

2... When your police force and city workers are cut, don't call city hall, no one will be there to answer the phone, to fix the pot hole, or the one police officer will be trying to save the lives and stop the crimes of a whole city.

Roads havenít been taken care of in this county in years even with collective bargaining. Police and other emergency services have been cut with Collective Bargaining. How many of you public workers marched against Police cuts in the area? I never seen one protestor marching for them. So donít put that at the private sectors feet alone.

3... When YOUR GARBAGE IS STINKING IN 90 degree heat with rats in the streets, to bad!!

I remember when there use to be 2 even 3 people working on garbage trucks. That disappeared with Collective Bargaining. Now we have 1 person per truck.

4... When YOUR PROPERTY TAXES ARE SKY HIGH, but the area is depressed and store fronts and vacant, don't rag! YOU DIDN'T LISTEN!

Our property taxes have constantly gone sky high with Collective Bargaining and we have depressed areas, empty stores, closed businesses, empty homes, high unemployment all with Collective Bargaining.

5... Scott Walker is attacking Wisconsin for political gain.

What has the Democratic leadership been doing all this time? It is because of the mess they left that this state and country are on the brink of disaster. All this talk of the Governor ramming this bill thru can be looked at the same way Obamacare was rammed thru congress and passed without anyone reading it. As for political gain, show one politician on either side of the aisle who doesnít do things for political gain. That is why this country is in the mess it is in. Take a look at all the political donations made to campaigns and you will see the majority are unions.


Recall all those Senators who walked off their elected jobs.

Frustrated Taxpayer