Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

This is why we need real leadership!
March 02, 2011 | 09:45 AM

Please consider the following:

We are borrowing and going to pay interest on $4,000 to buy a computer??
What are we buying a computer for?
Emergency Government in Lake Geneva?
Is'nt that what the County has an emergency government director for?
What kind of computer today costs $4,000, you can buy a nice laptop for $1,200
Is this another union position and at what cost?

Water faucets for $8,000?

Really? Seriously?

These few items represent why we are in the situation we are in, nobody can say no...

Over the years the special interests have pushed for these type of items and now we are paying for it. Now we are at the point of having some of the highest taxes in the County and we are borrowing money to buy a laptop and water faucets....
So did anybody ask the recurring costs of these and the extra expenses these will add to future budgets when these items wear out?

So rather than look at ways to cut costs to fund these alleged "necessary" purchases, they just borrow the money, must be nice... Why can't the Council tell the special interests that if they really "need" these items they will have to make dollar for dollar cuts elsewhere to fund them, now let's see their "needs" list.

If our Coucil cannot see what cuts are coming and continued decrease in revenues, they should step down, yes folks we are borrowing and paying interest on a $4,000 laptop for a position that apparently has been lobbied to create. Whats going to happen when our state shared revenue gets whacked? We just going to increase fees and taxes more to feed the union and special interest monster?

Please, somebody save us from ourselves....

joe taxpayer