Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Just a couple thoughts
March 02, 2011 | 10:58 AM

First - good students as a general rule - have good parents helping (pushing) them. Teachers don't teach in a vacuum and need the support of parents to get this right. Its not supposed to be a babysitting system. Show up at parent teacher night at badger and see who shows up. 99% of the time its the A or B student parents that are there, and way too few of all of us period considering the size of badger it ought to be jammed but its not.

Second - We can blog til our arms fall off and its not going to do a thing. Elections have consequences says Walker and all the talk radio people. This is true. For the Doyle terms the teachers were protected as he was a WEAC supported elected official. Well, now he's gone and the world moves on. Unfortunately, he stole (Oh I mean "borrowed"...oh no wait..raided) the special funds, counted on federal support to keep this ball rolling and then said he didn't want to run anymore....Gee....Thanks for that. So, education community - its your turn to feel the heat.

Last item - the key to continued growth and progress is the "sustainability" of the changes. What has changed must be maintained at that level in order for progress to be made. One time cuts and borrowed funds got us into this mess. Lets dig out. But lets not go backwards. Remember today's pain and once the economy starts rolling again - do not go back to pre-recession spending. How about a real long term plan instead of 2 year bandaids. If you were listening, Walker says we have a $250 million structural deficit....thats still a red number people. Its 90% less than what had been proposed in the past deficit wise - but its still a friggin hole!