Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Who is being lead by the nose?
March 03, 2011 | 07:05 AM

"As I stated in a column in the LGRN last week, there are vested interests who are after the unions, and are determined to gut their influence in future elections."

So, if a group of people or business leaders want to see union power curtailed, they're "special interests". I wonder if you refer to the people who want to see union power and influence increase (or at the very least stay the same) as a "special interest"? Based on your statements, I can infer that you think union special interests good, taxpayer and business special interests bad.

Nice spin job on all those "programs" being cut. If the budget repair bill passes, local districts will have the power and authority to make changes to the benefit programs that all those poor teachers and administrators receive. That being the case, the school district would finally have ability to make choices. A choice like determining whether keeping the status quo for teacher benefits is more important than keeping those student programs. It's all about choices and the voters in the last election told their representatives that the old "just raise taxes" choice was off the table. The ball will be in the court of the local districts. Let's see what's more important, "the children" or the teachers....

Enough Already
Lake Geneva