Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

March 07, 2011 | 01:26 PM

You and I are slaves. If you want facts look to the CAFR for the state of Wisconsin and you will find facts. We are not in debt, it is a perceived debt being brought to you by the people you voted into office. The taxes and fees collected against the net operating costs are not even close to being called a debt, but this lie perpetuated through the public officials and media are to enslave you into thinking we are in debt where in fact our overages are being mismanaged for another cause, AND only until the people of this state educate themselves to facts and not the non-sense will we be free.

We have one another, and without that we have nothing. Fight the power through REAL education. Why do you think this is an assault on our education, because we are not a conforming state, we are a progressive state. Everything this great state stands for is being attacked in this bill. The sale of Wisconsin assets, such as but not limited to POWER PLANTS, with NO BID CONTRACTS to be only acknowledged and approved by the state legislature.

The education of the state is under assault. OUR children and the future leaders of the state and world is under attack. What does third world populations have in common besides no education, poverty and hunger. Private investors creating education strategies based on profit valuations is not in the best interest of the children!

The fact is collective bargaining is what keeps corporations in balance, without balance we will be crushed.

This is a war for your wages, to balance with Asia, it is nothing more than a devaluation of America, into Tyranny. Stand tall with the people of your community now, these are real people teaching your children, nurturing the future, and will be there to feed you, when the economic war attacks food prices and hunger becomes a mainstay.

Corncered about the American workforce