Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Stand together or die alone??
March 07, 2011 | 02:35 PM

So it's better to lay off thousands, than to have everyone make concessions to keep everyone employed?? I am confused, how is this "standing together"???

Can't wait to hear from one of the thousands who get laid off... Bet they would have made the concessions and gladly given up their collective bargaining rights. Some income is better than none....

By the way, The AMERICAN DREAM has moved to China... Until they stand up and demand higher wages and better working conditions, we will never regain the jobs we lost to them. Until we all "stand together" and stop buying imported product, good paying manufacturing jobs will not return... Until this country finally adopts the tough import regulations as that of the very countries we support, we will continue to lose jobs.... I think you need to revisit the consequences of your 'standing together".

Here's another tidbit, how about we lessen our dependence of foreign oil, then we can actually begin the road to being a self-sustaining country where we can afford to pay union wages....

Nobama Unionsland