Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

March 07, 2011 | 03:30 PM

Stand up and fight against the machine politics. The Walker bill wants to solve budgetary problems he created, by giving tax cuts to corporations on the backs of the people of Wisconsin and their children.

He wants to sell Wisconsin assets with NO BID contracts to whomever HE prefer, without public oversight, approved through the legislature. Assets like POWER PLANTS being privately owned for PROFIT, MUCH HIGHER ENERGY COSTS!

He wants to cut local funding, ISN'T THAT WHAT I PAY MY TAXES FOR??? Hey, I pay taxes and get less services but corporations get a tax cut? WAKE UP PEOPLE!

He wants to cut funding and state expenditures per students for education, but cap property taxes, again I PAY STATE TAXES FOR SERVICES and now he wants to balance HIS budget on the backs of the children of Wisconsin....these are your neighbors, your future, our present. The teachers in this district and through out Wisconsin are AMAZING each day they set a higher precedent for each child's education, with love and gratitude for the community. They are fighting for collective bargaining, so they can have a voice in the implementation of materials taught and class sizes.

He wants to end the program to allow children that get great grades working hard in school the ability to an affordable education. HE wants to privatize the colleges, sorry but Phoenix on line is not even close to what Madison Wisconsin provides, they really shouldn't be named in the same sentence. Private owned universities usually don't offer the amount of stellar education, but do offer larger tuition fees. You get less pay more, all for the corporate profit valuation.

His solution for MPS, Kenosha, or other large districts, is to allow people to teach with out a TEACHING CERTIFICATE!!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE? That is a lack of respect for the profession, and the people(kids) receiving that service.

THIS BILL IS ABOUT CORPORATE TAX CUTS, and DEVALUATION OF THE WORKFORCE, all in the name of creating jobs? THIS IS NOT SOME THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, I can think of many options to explore before gutting AMERICA and the HOPE AND DREAMS it represents.

It's simple tax imports, repeal nafta rebuild America, and any corporate company that doesn't like it can stay overseas and build their products, but AMERICA WON'T BE BUYING! We will build back what we lost!

Lake Geneva