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RE: Enough Already
March 07, 2011 | 09:53 PM

I am WOMAN enough to put the CORPORATE NAME here, and stand by my statement, not hide behind some fictional security.

If you understood anything about collective bargaining you'd KNOW the teachers do negotiate CLASS SIZE AND CURRICULUM...THESE ARE TOOLS THAT EFFECT EDUCATION!
These teachers spend more time with some children than their parents each day, they are not a day care center, but mold, shape, and inspire the future of medicine, science, and POLITICS, they PRODUCE THE FUTURE, they are priceless. It is obvious you lack respect and enough knowledge to acknowledge that fact.

I AM NOT A DEMOCRAT and YES, I PAYED LESS ATTENTION to the Talgo deal! Which if I am not mistaken was terminated by Scott Walker, which in return terminated over 3,000 jobs. ? PEOPLE WERE NOT LINING THE STREETS in protest over any of that, but they are now...I'm not talking about the 300 people on a payed teafarty bus from out of state, spewing non-sense. I'm talking about TAX PAYERS that may have voted for Walker but not for the destruction of the state of Wisconsin. Union or not.

You may lack knowledge of history, but all I can do is recommend some reading, Upton Sinclair "The Jungle" might address some real images through a fiction based upon real life in America during the Industrial revolution.

I do not trust what Walker says, he has already provided his allegiance, in the phone call between the Faux Koch and himself, and it is not the people of Wisconsin, as far as I am concerned.

Lake Geneva