Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Scare Tactics All Around
March 07, 2011 | 09:57 PM

Global Warming, Come April 2012 it will be 100 years since the Steamship Titanic hit an iceberg and sank in the north atlantic. What does that have to do with Global Warming? Well, it was reported that the iceberg it hit and many others were tracked in the area to be farther south than normal that year due to unusually warm conditions. What does that say? Hey!! here is an idea. Maybe the earth was going thru a cycle at that time and the same could hold true now. Think about it if the earth never went thru a cycle of meltdown of some of the Artic ice we would be frozen over from the the north pole to the south pole by now. Also the sun and the rest of the universe goes thru cycles as well and this is just normal. But, no we have to read in to it some catastrophic disaster is occurring. Just like Y2K was. It helped sell alot of products to protect the home, computers, etc.
This argument about the Governor's Repair Bill it is being portrayed as the end to the state of Wisconsin if passed. I love all these public workers who are up in arms about this bill because they say if it is implemented it will ruin the state and our kids opportunity to better education. I say come out from behind the kids and say what you really mean. YOU DON'T WANT TO DO YOUR SHARE TO HELP THIS STATES ECONOMY. This Governor and legislature was given a huge mess to cleanup and now because they are taking a stand they are wrong. Most in this state and country scream that government spending needs to be cut and cut drastically. Yet when there is talk about it everyone says cut but not on my end.
Some commentors have said that the state is not broke that it is all false. Well why is the Badger Care Insurance program has been broke now for the better part of a year. I know a few people who are in need of help right now because they lost their insurance when they lost their job (private sector). They are on a waiting list for this Badger Care. In the mean time they can't get needed medical tests, prescriptions or treatment for serious conditions. Yet their taxes pay for the high wages and benefits of public workers and the public workers are still working. Where is the fairness there?

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