Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

March 08, 2011 | 09:47 AM

Oh, most of us do understand collective bargaining and how it negatively effects the TAXPAYER. People like you would like us to believe that these teachers are just Mother Teresa types that need "collective bargaining" in order to have enough scraps to put together a meal. A couple of REAL WORLD examples what you ACTUALLY get from "collective bargaining" would be the infamous Milwaukee Viagra benefit and the Madison's TERP program (quite the joke at the taxpayer's expense). Sorry, you can't argue that the little blue pill is, as you put it, "exponential to quality of life" and somehow important to the essentials of education. It's nothing more than a chance for the pigs to feed at the public trough and have "the children" as cover for their feeding frenzy. You are right about one thing, they do effect the minds of children. I wonder what valuable life lesson the children learned when all those noble teachers "called in sick" so they could go protest in Madison, managed to get their hands on fake doctor's notes, still get paid for it. Life lesson from the teachers was lie, cheat, and steal if it means protecting your gravy train.

Thank God Walker killed that ridiculous train deal. The majority of people in this state DIDN'T WANT THAT TRAIN AND NEVER DID. But that shouldn't get in the way if Jimmy D and his he knows better than we do attitude. In exchange for those supposed 3000 jobs we would have been saddled with all those strings that came with the Moo Moo Choo Choo and any future costs (rider subsidies) associated with keeping it going all because a few hundred people don't want to drive and are too good to take the bus that already runs to Madison from Milwaukee. Hardly what I'd call an effective and efficient use of tax payer dollars.

For someone who "claims" not to be a democrat, you sure talk and think like one. Tea Parties for example, you can't stand the fact that everyday people stood up for their rights, took action, and voted. Accusations are thrown out about people being paid to be there all the while ignoring all the paid protester that goons like AFSCME, SEIU, and ACORN bus to every event, rally, or protest. Once again, when it's YOUR side doing the paying, it's OK I guess. And yeah, we all know how terrible things were and how the unions saved the day 100 YEARS AGO. Lately, union membership has been declining for the last several decades in the private sector. Hmmm, if unions are so important and so essential, why the decline? Perhaps people realize their time has come and gone just like bloodletting and leeching (2 very appropriate terms). The only ones who haven't figured it out seem to be those who can scam the system. What a scam it is, unions "donate" to candidates who support them then after they're elected, those same people make decisions regarding those union's "collective bargaining". Just who represents the taxpayer in this little scam? So much for "bargaining".

As for the Governor, I heard that little discussion. Just what did he say exactly that was any different that he's been saying all along? Nothing. My only problem is that he isn't running for President....

Enough Already
Lake Geneva