Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Pond Hockey Doomed From Start
March 09, 2011 | 08:49 AM

Two weeks ago they had over 250 teams in Eagle River for the USA Pond Hockey Tournament. Como had less than 15 teams signed up. Entry fee was too high. Ice conditions way too uncertain on Como in late February. When there was no money to be made, nobody put forth any effort to hold a great tournament.

Entry Fee

Eagle River - $350 per team
Como - $1,110 per team, later reduced to $600 when they only had 8 teams signed up.

Como is also mainly snow ice. Snow ice is fine if the temperature stays below 25 degrees and it is not sunny. They scheduled the tourney too late in the season to assure "skatable conditions".

This was a private for profit event. When only a few teams signed up, nobody wanted to go to the expense of prepping the rinks. Not the Lodge & not Can Am.

See you in Eagle River