Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Its not about the pass through cuts
March 09, 2011 | 09:00 AM

Everybody - hold on to your hats - cuz this bill is going to pass with the bulk if not all intact. That's just the way its going to be. Its the controlling party that will win here. But, Doyle propped up the education system for his entire term in ways that are just not sustainable, raping the segregated funds caused some significant deterioration in our roadways....just drive on HWY 50 from LG to god, you need new shocks at the end.

All those school boards who rushed to put contracts in place - I hope they have a better plan for funding the revenue cuts than what's been proposed in the bill. The bill is defunding advanced placement course work aids, math, tech and science aids and library aids. So, the easy way out is to not offer those courses right? That would be a huge mistake. Just restructure the benefits package and we get to keep all those higher level courses. Its not that much to ask is it? Really? The alternative is Walkers voucher system and expansion of school choice. Your students will go where the best program is. In which case, even more of you will be out of work. Don't tell us its about your ability to define curriculum. The DPI begins that process. Per pupil issues - well I'm a grad of MPS - my classrooms were 35 per even in grade school. I graduated from a UW school magna cum laude.

The education system stood by while a significant number of people lost their jobs or had reductions in hours, Doyle's "plan" allowed that. Well, welcome to reality. Its not fun out here I can tell you. AND, its not forever - its for awhile - we need to get the $1 stronger not just at the state level, but nationally....lets all do our part!

Jane Taxpayer