Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Increase in boat slip fee
March 09, 2011 | 10:27 AM

What a dumb statement to make 'because we can' and 'because we have 160 names on the waiting list' and the best one of them all is 'if they don't like it, let them give their slips to someone else," I was on the "LIST" for over 30 years . There wouldn't need to be 160 names on the list if there was an equal amount of slips for property owners as there was for private business (Gordy's) . If your going to charge a 31% increase then eliminate the launch fee for all slip owners. We already pay property tax, slip fee, launch fee, beach tag, etc. It's not like the slip is provided electric, cable, & water like the Abbey. How much more do we have to pay for what we get. Why not raise the beach fee 31% ? That will help to pay for the cleanup of the beach because it is now a picnic grove with people setting up 2 or 3 8 ft tables , tents, and leaving food all over for people to step in and to draw in more gulls and geese. Charge a fee for people who picnic in the park that WE property owners pay for the upkeep with our taxes. Lets be honest if you look it is not the residents that use the park for the picnic but people who live outside the village and we have to pay for that too. Let's make the beach fee 10.00 a person . That way the people who are not property owners can pay more of the fair share to maintain it. And in the words of the village official " We'll do it because we can and if they don't like it they can go to another beach.