Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Re: Cen-Den Parent
March 11, 2011 | 04:34 PM

I am tired of some of the same, false comments being made repeatedly to reinforce one's beliefs. Gov. Walker has repeatedly, day after day, press conference after press conference, on each appearance on tv/radio stated how proud he was and how much it was appreciated that those public workers including teachers were at their jobs each and every day throughout this debate (contrary to the "missing 14"). While other groups and others have made disparaging remarks on both sides of the issue, Gov. Walker has NEVER painted these teachers as "valueless". As for taking money from these hardworking public servants' salaries, let us remember where that money is derived from...the pockets of the taxpayers of Wisconsin. By providing their share of insurance and pension benefits, there is a measurable relief from the amount that the State needs to provide whether directly through salary and pension or indirectly through school district and municipality funding. Furthermore, while i have a great deal of respect for many teachers who work to develop and educate our youth, I also have a lot of respect for those people that choose to drive trucks and buses, choose to work in a warehouse or manufacturing plant, or take the initiative to start-up their own small business. The pedistal that these teachers are put on should be expanded to include anyone that puts in a hard days' work for a fair wage.

Lake Geneva