Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

March 12, 2011 | 07:43 AM

Re: Bill

I'll end my side of this debate with sympathy for your plight. Many of us are in that situation. I am a struggling small business owner myself. However, making everyone else as miserable as you doesn't fix the problem. Raising eachother up would be another option.

If I can stick to just the facts though, what does the fact that you received three raises over the last twenty years tells me that there may be a lack of accountablility on someone's part. The economy was booming for ten of those. That wasn't a public workers fault. You were involved with a poor company or demonstrated habits not worthy of a raise.

I'm done with this discussion. Your miserable about a hard life. For that I'm sorry. When I have a hard time I try to make it better and it very rarely involves kicking a dog or stealing a kids candy. Accountability on all sides of this issue are necessary.

Cen Den Parent (retired from letter writing)