Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

March 14, 2011 | 05:09 PM

At first I was kind of going along with this opinion piece. Yes it is good that teachers and administrators could get together and work out a solution to the problem that Walker has created with this budget, but you got a few things wrong at the end. First of all while it may be a "win" for some taxpayers it most certainly isn't a "win" for taxpayers who also happen to be teacher or other public employee. People seem to forget that public employees are also tax payers. It is also not really a moral "win" for anyone with children. Sure your kids still have their excellent education, but that is only because the already underpaid teachers are willing to make a sacrifice because they care about your kids. I would think that it would be worth paying just a little more (or even the same as you did last year) in taxes in order to pay back the hardworking people who spend their time educating your children. They should be commended and thanked for what they do in the classroom, but unfortunately they can't pay their bills with your gratitude so maybe showing that you appreciate them in a real way would be nice.

Secondly, when I first started reading "the worse behavior many have ever seen at the State Capital" I thought you were referring to the tactics that the governor has been utilizing to pass his unpopular bill. Locking the capital down in defiance of a court order so that Democratic assemblyman and the public couldn't get in was one of the lowest moves I have ever seen in Madison. Or you could have been referring to the prank phone during which Walker admitted to considering sending troublemakers into the crowd and revealed underhanded plans to "trick" the democrats back into the capital. But that you are referring to the behavior of the protestors is ridiculous. They were very well behaved for a crowd of several thousand and the fact that there were practically no arrests over the several weeks proves that. They did not damage the capital rotunda by putting non-stick painters tape on the walls, and legislators who refuse to listen to the people they are supposed to be representing should be confronted by their constituents. The protestors were very peaceful, and the only trouble came when Walker started deciding what laws he would and would not follow. They capital belongs to the people and if they have to stay there for weeks on end in order to be heard by their elected representatives the problem does not lie with the people, but with the legislators.

Lake Geneva